Issue 35 ‘Reflections’


Anecdotes, Snippets and Narratives from Assorted Surfing Raconteurs

The ocean, the waves: the endless variations of our encounters with and around them provide infinite narrative threads from which we weave the rich tapestry of our shared surfing experience.

These are the threads that bind us, in our better moments at least, as a community. The more we reflect on our experiences and the more stories we share, the more we see ourselves in each other, which is a fine way to navigate this vexed world.

Issue 35 ‘Reflections’ – a simple collection of memories and moments – is our humble contribution to the cause.

Cheers and Merry Christmas from our family to yours, folks.

Photography enthusiasts love this issue because all images feature the camera settings (Details of the camera body, lens and settings)!

Yikes, Critically Low Stock! Serious collectors should get in now.