Issue 47 (Now on sale, online only)

FAREWELL, with LOVE, GRATITUDE and STOKE. The line on the cover says it all. Let’s go through those four key words.

FAREWELL: This is the final issue from your current Horsies’ team: Simsy, Bainy and Gra. The demands of our ‘real’ jobs are such that we can no longer do justice to the ol’ nag mag, and we’d rather hit the brakes than put out anything sub-standard. (A few crew are interested in purchasing the title so it can continue in 2024 and beyond. We’ll see.)

LOVE: Damn we’ve loved every minute of this weird little Horsies journey! And this special retrospective edition – each page containing gems from every issue we’ve ever done – captures why Horsies is loved by many.

GRATITUDE: It’s impossible to put into words how grateful we are – to our amazing writers, photographers, artists and storytellers, and especially to our readers and subscribers. Thank you!

STOKE: We could be sad about this particular chapter coming to a close, but overwhelmingly, we’re stoked for what’s been, stoked for whatever’s coming down the line, and we’re particularly stoked with this issue. We reckon you will be too!

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The Sea Has Stories Book

A cracking selection of 61 short stories accompanied by 32 glorious photos, taken from the last five years of White Horses. This is one for the bookshelf, bedside table, or a travelling companion for your next surf trip.

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