Surf mags are important!

We are a small privately-owned media company, publishing a unique, progressive and globally recognised magazine title called White Horses.

Like most others, we publish across both print and digital channels, but we are different in that we place great value in the power and influence of print. It may seem like a contrarian position, but the reality is that digital media formats have saturated the media landscape and as a result their impact is becoming increasingly diluted. The humble surf mag meanwhile, continues to attract a highly engaged audience who value the quality and timelessness of the medium.

The media landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented but the printed surf mag still plays a key role in the maintenance and dissemination of surfing’s subcultural norms, symbols, and values. The surf industry depends on this for their success, and as surfers, we all have a vested interest in preserving and celebrating our cultural uniqueness.

Your support of White Horses, and all printed surf media, is important and sincerely appreciated.

Craig Sims (Publisher/Owner)