Issue 34 ‘She Has Stories’


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She Surfs: To be immersed in the moment, and find communion with nature; To face her fears and push the boundaries; For frivolity and fun, freedom and release; For solidarity and stoke, connection and friendship.

She Surfs, and She Has Stories.

A collection of powerful, beautiful and authentic storytelling, accompanied by captivating ocean photography and art: Issue 34 She Has Stories is a White Horses special edition dedicated entirely to the women of the sea.

Edit: Unfortunately we have unexpectedly sold out of Issue 34 ‘She Has Stories’! You can still get yourself a copy if you’re an Aussie or Kiwi resident, but you’ll have to visit one of the news agents who stock White Horses. Swing us an email or DM and we can tell you where your closest news agent is. Alternatively, fill out the Pre-Order form and we’ll notify you when a copy becomes available. 
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