Issue 29


Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of red and cosy up with the Winter issue of White Horses.

Issue 29 is a Horsies classic with no special theme, just the usual (and most loved) traditions such as Writer’s Rally, Exhale, Process and Vintage. Issue 29 also marks the beginning of new traditions, like our ‘List of Horsies Legends’ page, dedicated to our most valued and appreciated reader, our subscribers.

Sail from New Caledonia to Fiji, get a glimpse of life on tour as a musician, photographer and surfer, investigate why drilling the Bight is just a god awful idea, and embark on a steam-driven journey across the Sahara Desert. And that’s just the beginning! 132 pages of untold, first-person stories complimented by incredible surf and ocean photography – welcome to the world Issue 29!

We think you’ll approve.

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