Issue 26


Come take the drop with us as we plunge into summer!

Hitting the shelves throughout Australia and New Zealand on October 4th, issue 26 of White Horses will sail off course through post-nuclear Micronesia, make a startling discovery in India, and ride the indomitable peaks of Nazaré.

We also investigate the ties that bind us together, from Balinese royal families to the world’s most stylish surfer and his protege, right through to a humble surf outreach programme in NSW.

As usual our talented crew of artists and storytellers share their experiences, covering everything from building surfboard empires and crafting organic surf wax with the help of bees, to exploring the meanings and origins of the paddle out ritual.

All of this and heaps more comes bound in 132 premium pages of our unique oversized format that has seen Horsies being hailed as “the best bloody surf magazine in the world” by industry folk and punters alike (that’s a direct quote, promise).

Yikes, Critically Low Stock! Serious collectors should get in now.