Launched in 2012 and published by aqualuna media, White Horses is a high-end, quarterly publication. It’s a million miles away from a typical ‘surf’ magazine, and is devoted to stories of the sea. We release four issues a year (see release schedule below). Many say this is the best surf mag in the world, but we do a fairly ordinary job of marketing it, so although it’s distributed nationally in Australia (and NZ), there’s not a ton of outlets, so we encourage you to buy your copy or subscribe here. Otherwise you’ll find White Horses magazine at better news agencies, airport shops and surf shops all over Australia.

If you’d like to be alerted when the next mag comes out we offer a service for this. Go here to sign up. We’ll send you an email or a text to let you know when the next edition is available…

We don’t do much digital – there’s enough white noise out there, but you CAN buy digital editions of our mag. This is handy if you don’t live in Australia and find international freight prohibitive.

We have a Facebook page and an Insty account if you’re inclined.

We limit advertising presence to a handful of positions per issue in order to preserve a valuable experience for both client and reader. If you’d like to nab one of these positions, please fill out our online form to download our media kit.

Release Schedule

Issue Cover Date On Sale Date
20 AUTUMN 6-Apr-2017
21 WINTER 6-Jul-2017
22 SPRING 5-Oct-2017
23 SUMMER 14-Dec-2017
24 AUTUMN 5-Apr-2018
25 WINTER 5-Jul-2018
26 SPRING 4-Oct-2018
27 SUMMER 13-Dec-2018