Issue 32


Just as jumping in the ocean gives us respite from our busy lives, Issue 32 of White Horses encourages readers to ’Take A Moment’ – as captured by Al Mackinnon of Pete Geall doing just that on the cover.⁠

We called on friends and heroes to suggest some of the nuggets of wisdom and advice that have helped them navigate the modern world…

And so, we have Thomas Carroll, Kelly Slater, Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards and others sharing quotes from their favourite philosophers and thinkers, alongside suggestions from mates, neighbours, family, and crew we yak with when we check the point.⁠

Combining fine and profound musings with extraordinary surf and ocean photography, Issue 32 ’Take A Moment’ is designed to fortify the reader with the thoughtful and the beautiful. To stop. Consider. Appreciate.⁠

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