Gift Subscription

From: AUD$74.00 for 1 year

Perfect for an ocean-lover, buy a White Horses subscription as a gift and download our customisable gift card to go with it. A gift that keeps giving, all year round!

The Gift Subscription will start with our next issue, but you can choose to also send the current issue to the Gift Receiver right away by clicking the “1 Year + Current Issue” option under “Duration”.

Unlike regular subscriptions, Gift Subscriptions do not automatically renew. Instead, they start with the next issue and expire 4 issues later. Gift Subscriptions are also non-refundable. Upon expiry of the Gift Subscription, the Gift Receiver will either be notified that they will need to purchase a regular subscription in order to continue receiving White Horses, or, we will contact you and ask if you would like to re-gift them.